About Us

Standard Freight

At Standard Freight, we are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable and service oriented shipping services possible. We train our team to always prioritize safety above all else to ensure your goods always reach their destination on time and in the same condition as when we left the station.

You can count on Standard to fulfill all your shipping needs, and we are always open and receptive to learning how we can make your experience better.

If you are looking for a reliable trucking company to help you transport your goods to your destinations with care, Standard Freight has you covered. Our team is dedicated to getting your items where you need them, on time, and are always a phone call or email away to provide an update. We look forward to establishing a long term business relationship with your business.

Standard Freight is committed to always going the extra mile for our customers

Whether you have a single shipment or are looking for a reliable long term shipping partner, Standard Freight has the experience, know how, and technology to deliver your goods safely and on time.