Our Services

Standard Freight is committed to keeping your supply chain moving forward.  With over 150 years of combined experience behind the wheel and a passion for logistics, it’s no surprise our clients return to work with us, time and time again.  Our commitment to safety & customer satisfaction make us an easy choice.

Standard Freight does everything possible to ensure all goes well during transit.  From planning our routes carefully, to training and working with honorable and hard working individuals and companies, we always take every precaution to ensure your delivery is on time and in the same quality provided. If you are searching for a local trucking company that will protect your bottom line, look no further than Standard Freight.

We are honored to work with so many reputable companies and look forward to discussing how we can add value to your organization.  The services we offer our clients include:

Bulk Liquid Transportation

Standard Freight will create an efficient transportation solution that makes sense for you.  We provide specialized trailors and tractors to transport liquid bulk shipments safely and on time – including caustics, acids and other specialty chemicals.  Our full suite of transportation solutions go above and beyond minimum safety handling requirements to guarantee the safety and integrity of your products.  We have all the tools and equipment to safely transport lubricants, agricultural and industrial chemicals and more. 

Having a Customized Fleet Solution can so a long way in helping your organization run more efficiently.  Standard Freight has been strategically helping organizations optimize their fleet for years.  This includes:

  • Building customized equipment
  • Replacing existing fleets
  • Building new fleets from the bottom up
  • Acquisition of Fleets


Efficient & Adaptable

Customized Fleet Solutions

Making the decision to oursource your distribution needs to a dedicated carrier is typically a reflection of the bottom line.  Being able to accurately analyze the cost of fleet ownership and operation can be difficult.  Beyond obvious expenses like salaries, transportation, and equipment, there are other less identifiable costs (health insurance, workers comp, training, compliance, tracking) which make make budgeting even harder.  Governmental and environmental compliance standards and liability also make it more complicated for businesses with transportation needs.  Above and beyond freeing up the staff to focus on more pressing business needs internally, additional practical perks of having a Customized Fleet Solution include:

  • Maximum Transportation Services Control
  • Simplified Bookkeeping by Eliminating Assets
  • Ongoing Route & Equipment Optimization
  • Advanced Technology Keeping the Business Headed Forward

Standard Freight Customized Fleet Solutions give your business an adaptive suite of tools that keep your company on the cutting edge. Give us a call to discuss how we can make your fleet as efficient as possible.

General Chemical

Standard Freight uses state of the art systems and technology that allow us to maintain industry leading levels of productivity and customer service. Our staff prides themselves on their commitment to safety and have new, reliable equipment to ensure your goods arrive safely and on time. We have years of experience hauling a wide variety of different chemicals including gas additives, MSI, Polyol and more.