What type of things do we transport?

Standard trucking service provides a wide range of variety of shipments. It ranges from food products to building supplies and clothing. We can transport anything without any hindrance.

What is the estimated cost for a shipment?

We make your shipment straightforward; all you have to do is to contact us through our website. Our staff members will be delighted to share the shipment details and provide you with all the necessary information.

Less truckload or a full truckload? Which one do I need?

Less truckload includes shipment with an entire unfilled trailer which later combines with cargo headed in the same direction to help save money. A whole truckload fills a real truck; whatever service you need, you can always get a budget-friendly price with us.

How should I package my items?

You must have your items in boxes or parcels to ensure they are secure during speed-up. You can ask for some professional tips on how you should prepare your items.

What is temperature-controlled freight shipping?

Items that need to be at a specific temperature are refrigerated in our shipping containers. We can also safely transport delicate materials and assure you that they will never fall outside their necessary temperature range.

Will we need specialized equipment to deliver your goods?

It depends on the material and size of your freight, and we provide a wide range of varying trucking equipment for the smooth transportation service possible.

How do I know about the transit time?

If you need your cargo to reach its destination by a peculiar deadline, our hotshot and expedited shipping are the options you are looking for. After knowing the details of your destination, we will happily provide you with an estimated time frame.

Is my freight likely to get damaged?

At Standard Freight, we do everything to keep your cargo safe and sound. We plan carefully and use precautionary measures to ensure our clients never have to worry about anything.